Designing one-of-a-kind consumer experiences

Inspired Creativity

Calling upon a world of expertise in designing one-of-a-kind experiences for customers, our Creative and Design teams conceive branded solutions combining experience and materials  for every imaginable target audience.  Let your imagination soar  with ours– and together we’ll unleash the possibilities!

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Blue Sky Brainstorming

We take our client’s challenges and make them our own.  Beyond “everyday,” where can your brand go next? How ’bout to our fresh approach of inventive thinking, inspired creativity, and a lot of FUN!  Blue Sky Brainstorming’s an integral part of your relationship with Surge because the next big thing for your customers may be just one new idea away.

Creative Concepting

Your goal is to create brand excitement, loyalty and accelerated sales. We believe a human-centered approach is the best way to help our clients  achieve positive outcomes.  Our on-trend, one-of-a-kind branded ideas for products and digital experiences create memorable interactions with your customers.  Creators from the physical to the virtual, from function to fashion, we’ll invent new ways to make your brand irresistible.

Industry R&D

Our goal is to surprise and delight you and your customers with new ideas. We’ve created a culture that fosters new thinking and new approaches.  From the bottom up, we invest in research and development initiatives such as new and sustainable materials, new functionalities, design for manufacture techniques and applications from our and other industries.  This and more spur a continual stream of fresh thinking.

Industrial design: Products, Graphics, Packaging

Our passion is developing solutions that make brands successful.   We fully immerse ourselves in the world our clients and their customers live in.   We’ll combine research tools, years of industry experience for a  human- centered approach to product design and packaging to launch retail and promotion programs in unprecedented ways.

Digital Incentives

Consumers are seamlessly integrating their physical and digital worlds.  How can a brand meet them where they are and even go beyond?  Surge has developed our active approach by creating Transcentives™ – transmedia (physical + digital) incentives that extend and elevate brand experience through immersive, memorable interactions.

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