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What is FFP, and why should I care?

FFP stands for Frustration Free Packaging. It’s a program established by Amazon to meet the challenges of consumer demand. Consumers want the best of both worlds: products shipped with the least amount of packaging material possible, but also protected from damage as they move through the supply chain to arrive safely on their doorsteps.

Comparison of traditional vs. frustration-free packaging

Traditional Packaging

  • Packing materials not recyclable:
    • Plastic blister clamshell
    • Twist ties
    • Styrofoam peanuts
    • Styrofoam support
  • Open window
  • Overbox
  • Difficult to open

Frustration-Free Packaging

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Less packaging waste
  • Protective lab-tested design
  • Unique opening experience
  • Easy to open

Amazon is offering incentives for FFP compliance now through December 31, 2022!


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