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Strategic Planning

Surge Creates offers a comprehensive range of capabilities that will  help you achieve your business objectives.  We can drive your sales in new ways!

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Calendar Planning

With your business objectives and budget in mind, we’ll build your brand’s promotion calendar strategy to maximize your return on investment.  Like building a puzzle, we connect all the pieces – seasonal trends, business potential, competitive challenges, along with changing consumer mindsets, interests and motivations.  We’ll work with you to match the best opportunities and win promotional solutions that’ll build customer loyalty and optimize topline sales.

Consumer & Industry Trends

The best impactful ideas stem from keen insights about your brand’s customers.  Building from our extensive experience in a broad range of business sectors and marketing geographies, we augment our expertise, and tap a host of external resources to inform our thinking on any given project.  We utilize trend-tracking, custom research insights, networking 40+ trade shows yearly, conduct primary research and leverage our relationships with global industry thought leaders.  That’s the secret behind our custom solutions.


Pop culture, sports, entertainment and more – your customers crave what’s hot.  We’ve got long-standing, deep relationships in the Licensing world.  Let us streamline the process and incorporate the perfect borrowed interest property for your next brand promotion.  Services include partner/property identification, partner agreements, contract administration and program execution.

Shopper Marketing

In additional to national or regional promotions, your plans may call for shopper marketing  and/or key account programs.   With the goal of differentiating your brand on- shelf and in the minds of consumers, we have proven integrated solutions that’ll achieve the perfect cumulative experience.  We’ll create moments that matter with your consumers and our solutions will  generate topline sales and build loyalty for your brand.

Measurement of ROI

Every business decision maker wants to know going in that their marketing and promotion spend will result in the strongest return on their investment.   That’s true of all our clients, so we approach projects on their behalf, generating new concept ideas within an agreed to budget range.  We employ predictive modeling, that will statistically measure the outcome of different ideas, identify the best for the least, and provide you with that peace of mind.

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