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We’ve got highly experienced and dedicated creative, design, and manufacturing teams in the US, Latin America and Asia, keeping up with global trends around the world.

Surge will bring your ideas to life globally.

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Promotional & Retail Expertise

Looking to boost topline or bottom line sales?  We have years of experience helping clients differentiate their brands on-shelf and online through retail and value-added product programs.  Think of us as a proven, turnkey resource to drive customer engagement, preference and purchase of your brand.

Custom & Semi-Custom Product/Packaging

Clients always look for ways to add value for their customers and accelerate sales.  Whether we’re creating a beautifully designed gift-with-purchase or an entirely new retail product altogether, let us make that experience special for your brand and customers.  We’ve got a history that’s built on our reputation for expert product design, engineering and unparalleled quality/safety.  No program is too large for us.




Clients want the most updated information pertaining to the moving target, called corporate sustainability. As a product integrity resource, we keep our customers at the forefront of sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques to streamline their transition to more environmentally friendly products and packaging.  This includes promising research into additives that speed up plastic biodegradability, transforming this important material into an environmentally friendly solution for our world.


Safety/QA QC Oversight

Our Safety/QA QC reputation and oversight is critical in every aspect of the products we make for our clients.  As part of a cross-functional team, this group provides expert guidance and risk-avoidance  from early stage concepting through delivery. For every project, our staff of PMC  and QA/QC experts provide oversight  in the factories for pre-production, production, intervention testing,  QC inspections and final pack-out to ensure that all your expectations for product safety, quality and reliability are met in a timely manner.

Global & Direct-to-Manufacturer Sourcing

To optimize your project’s requirements, we have long-standing  purchasing power with direct factory relationships in Asia, the U.S. and Mexico for efficient manufacturing.  We work with our factory partners to assure that their facilities meet good manufacturing practices and social accountability requirements as verified by 3rd party labs.

Global Logistics

We have built a comprehensive and reliable network of shipping, air freight and inland transport partners that provide comprehensive delivery services to over 75 countries worldwide.  For added assurance of on-time delivery to the US, we are C-TPAT certified for assured security protocols and compliance with guidelines set by the United States Customs and Border Protection Group.

What’s New, What’s Next Trends

As seen (in person!) at the Chicago ASI show, here’s a snapshot of emerging “look-see” trends from consumer culture.  Download this PDF and look for future recaps of all the events we’ll be attending this year to get the buzz and inspiration, sharing out some what inspires us to conceive fresh ideas in custom created products for our clients’ brands!

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