Exploring New Worlds

Burger King’s challenge was to develop a breakthrough digital activation, to extend the experience provided by the physical Animal Planet Burger King Kids Meal activity books.


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  • Digital Transcentives® Activation

Innovation in Hand

Enhance the 6 activity books and promote collectability, by bringing each of the Animal Planet “worlds” featured to “life” through a never-before-seen before digital activation.

Surge created 6 different augmented reality “portals” that kids can physically walk into, using their smart phones, and be immersed in realistic 3D Animal Planet environments.  Once inside, users can look around 360 degrees, interact with the animals in their native habitats and play a surprise mini game.  A QR code activates each unique augmented reality “portal”, so no app download is required, delivering a “must see it to believe it” interaction that kids want to “visit” again & again.

The Results

The activation is a global effort and provides a launchpad for further fun and engaging digital overlays for Burger King Kids Meal programs.  The widely used press release notes, “Each activity book will also come with a scannable QR code to unlock more play opportunities. Users can use their device to walk through an augmented reality portal to experience the environment and animals of the themed activity book, such as a 3D walk through the Safari spotting native animals through an interactive game.”

This project represents one of our values here at Surge which is being passionate. This value comes to light in a lot of our projects — this one specifically by creating a brand experience that provides “surprise & delight” to kids to interact with our client in a way that means so much more than just a simple toy activation.

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