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Calling all members of the KISS ARMY! Are you ready to rock & roll one last time? To commemorate the legendary band’s epic “End Of The Road Tour” and 50 years of electrifying performances, we’ve teamed up with KISS to create a limited-edition gift that’s as hot as Gene Simmons’ fire-breathing routine and as sharp as Paul Stanley’s star-studded persona.

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A Gift for the Ages

Imagine this: A custom-designed limited edition gold ticket sculpted with iconic imagery and nods to the band’s history. From small beginnings at the Popcorn Pub to the sold-out Madison Square Garden final show, this ticket tells that story. This treasured heirloom is surrounded by an acrylic protector and black padding that sends shivers down the spines of even the most die-hard fans. Included with this collectible ticket is a KISS inspired stand for displaying. Fans are also rewarded with a Certificate of Authenticity that includes band members autographs and foil holographic seal of approval. Both the ticket and the certificate are paired with matching production numbers. Surrounding it all is a custom designed collector’s box emblazoned with the iconic KISS logo and a simple pull tag for enhanced opening experience. It’s a gift that’s sure to become a treasured heirloom, passed down through generations of KISS fans.

The Results

The production run of only 10,000 golden tickets, had split distribution between attendees of the final show at Madison Square Garden arena and those who ordered via Pay-Per-View the night of the concert. The KISS golden ticket was a firecracker amongst the KISS Army! Limited quantities fueled the flames of desire, with fans clamoring to get their hands on this exclusive piece of history. The after-market sizzled with bids, with resale values skyrocketing to ten times the original price! 

Nailed it for the fans! Deep understanding + meticulous detail = KISS Army Gold. Understanding KISS and the KISS Army we created and delivered an exceptional quality product that set the bar high for future fan-centric collaborations.

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