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Big Payoff, Small Budget

The sky’s the limit when the Whopper, the King, and the Flame join forces with a colorful crowd of kindhearted emoji to fight for a worthy cause and do away with bullies for good! Burger King’s decision to utilize a partnership with the iconic Emoji brand is a great example of how it doesn’t take a huge budget to create a big payoff and make a positive impact. Instead, it takes heart and the desire to take a stand.


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With this innovative new Kids Meal premium, kids can collect 30 unique, colorful plush emoji toys. The collection includes fan-favorite Emoji icons such as the tears of joy, hearted eyes, happy devil, nerdy face, laughing out loud, star-struck, and pouting face. It also includes customized Burger King icons—the King, the Whopper sandwich, and a special No Bullying Emoji brand icon created for the campaign’s anti-bullying message.

Burger King Emoji toy with kid's meal
The Results

Burger King recognizes that bullying is a pervasive, complex issue, one that is overcome using kindness. Each emoji in the mega collection reinforces this important message in a hopeful, fun way. Kids will want to collect them all—and parents will be happy to accommodate due to the positive messaging.

This groundbreaking global campaign shows Burger King and Surge Creates’ commitment to integrity. They are proud to take a stand for kids everywhere, especially those who are the victims of bullying and we are proud to help them share that story.

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