Woman putting Tim Hortons ornament on Christmas tree

Capturing the Canadian Pride of Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is synonymous with Canada. How could this identity be captured in a holiday collectible that captures the pride Canadians feel for this iconic brand?


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Festive Promotion

The solution: create an adorable, eye-catching 4-to-Go cup ornament in a visually sophisticated package designed to jump off the shelves. Perfect for the holiday season, the appealing design and festive packaging showcases the cute collectible ornament housed inside.

Woman hanging Tim Hortons ornament on Christmas tree
Close up of Tim Hortons ornament on lit Christmas tree
The Results

Coffee lovers everywhere will treasure this high-quality ornament, especially those who are proud of Tim Hortons’ Canadian heritage. Tim Hortons—the coffee Canadians count on—now could grace Christmas trees year after year during the holidays.

Tim Hortons ornament packaging detail

Coffee drinkers are passionate about their java, and Canadian coffee drinkers are passionate about Tim Hortons, which has become an indispensable part of so many people’s daily routine. We were proud to create a product that captured this passion.

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