Woman drinking out of Kellogg's Special K promotional water bottle

Sustainability with a Message

Fans of Special K will love taking advantage of this fun, functional, and environmentally friendly premium. With Kellogg’s focus on encouraging positive nutrition and healthy weight loss, the company is always looking for ways to support its target market. And what could be a better complement to a good breakfast than the encouragement to drink more water?

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Quality Counts

Appealing to health-conscious consumers, this high-quality, reusable water bottle sports powerful, positive messaging—available in both English and Spanish—that reflects Kellogg’s passion for good health and good habits. Kellogg’s knows that one way of building trust is to recognize that its audience today wants a more positive relationship with food. The affirming statements on the colorful water bottle to reinforce that desire.

Two women walking while holding Kellogg's Special K Water Bottle
Close up of Kellogg's Special K Water Bottle with Cereal Packaging
The Results

Those taking advantage of the popular “eat, sip, and live delicious” mail-in offer will enjoy a bit of inspiration with their daily water intake, and hopefully take advantage of the two additional reorder requests. 

Close up of woman filling up her Kellogg's Special K Water Bottle

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